Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pictures at the Park

I am so behind on my blogging so I will start from where I left off and try to work my way to the present!! Before Patti and Toya's wedding they wanted to get some pictures together. So Lauren, Andrea, Alex and I loaded up and met them at the park. I only got a couple of Toya and Patti on my camera but got some great ones of the kids. Now I wish the other boys would have been along but we will have to go again sometime! (Sorry about the underlining! I don't know how to turn it off!)

Andrea...she loves having her picture taken!

Lauren and Patti

Alex....he has never set in the grass before~

Andrea.... I love this picture!

Best Buddies!

Toya and Patti


Brittany said...

I love your pictures, it looks like a beautiful park!