Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Andrea's last chemo party!

Monday, October the 12th our family loaded up and headed to St Louis for Andrea's last chemo celebration! We hadn't been up there as a family for over a year so everyone was pretty excited.
We arrived and Andrea got checked in. Then the party began! Confetti, singing, dancing, a no more chemo t-shirt, no more chemo sugar cookie and lots of smiles!!! We saw tons of people who have been through this whole thing with us from the very beginning. The pictures say more than words so I'll let them tell the rest!

Andrea and Dr. Gauvain. Dr. Guavain is Andrea's primary oncology Dr. and our "Angel"! Dr.Gauvain has had cancer herself so she more than sympathized with us, she emphathized! When I wondered if I was crazy for being scared for Andrea to stop taking chemo she assured me that she herself was terrified when she stopped her chemo. Dr Gauvain has been a real inspiration to our family and we will never forget what she did for Andrea!!

Let the party begin! Andrea was a little taken aback when they first started singing and dancing around! :)

Here is Bobby and Marsh holding her no more chemo shirt....she wears this shirt all the time to bed!

Andrea and Dr Bhatla....another one of our "angels"! Dr Bhatla has just recently completed treatment for cancer as well. She has taken care of Andrea many times when she was hospitalized and we love her to death!

Luke, Andrea, Tyler, and Travis waiting for her check-up. 8 people in a small room can get REALLY small, REALLY quick!! :)

Andrea....all smiles!

Andrea and her best buddy, Bobby! Bobby is truly an inspiration to our family! He is always happy and always has a smile and a hug! He made clinic so easy and something to look forward to! He sees pain and sorrow every day yet always has an encouraging word to give! We love you Bobby! You are part of our family now!!

Andrea and her favorite 4th floor nurse, Miss Kristin! Miss Kristin is our 4th floor angel!! Words cannot even begin to describe what she has done for our family...from a smile, a batch of cupcakes, to offering to take our laundry home and do it while we were in for a long stay! I know it isn't just our family she has taken care of....I have acutally seen her bringing clean laundry to rooms! ( I mean laundry she has taken home and done for someone! ) Krisitn loves God and has taken time to pray for us and with us! She lost her brother to cancer when he was fairly young and she has dedicated her life to trying to help kids with cancer smile! We love you Kristin!!
Andrea finishing her chemo was a bittersweet time believe it or not. It has been our life for the past two and a half years and that is a long time! All Andrea has know (that she can really remember) is having cancer. She still thinks she has Leukemia. We have tried to tell her it is all gone but, she just hasn't been able to process it all. My biggest fear is that we aren't doing anything at all now and will it really stay away. But, life goes on and you just have to keep trusting in God who has brought us this far!

After our 4 hour visit at the Costa Center we headed to a place we haven't been able to go to for 2 1/2 years.....Chuck E Cheese!!! This is a family favorite but has been out of the question with Andrea on chemo. We had special gift bags made for each of the kids since they have all had to sacrafice "normal" life on many different occasions. They have never complained and have rolled with the bumps like champs! I can't say enough good about these 6 awesome kids! I wouldn't trade them for all of the money in the world!!

Troy and I. Troy is my rock! He has always been so strong for our family through this time. If he ever got scared, I was in FULL PANIC mode because I know its really bad when he is scared!

5 Happy kids with their suprises! Alex was to busy eating another piece of pizza! :)

Mr Alex, enjoying a cold piece of pizza! This little guy keeps us all young!!
Sorry this post was so long but, 2 1/2 years is a long time to cover! :) Now we just wait for 5 years to see if we are all clear! Andrea will go every month for blood work for this 1st year to make sure everything is still okay. We go in about 2 weeks for her first check up. They tell us most relapses happen within the first two years and then after that the chances lessen. We are going to just take it one day at a time and enjoy every moment we have! God has been so good to us and our heart overflow with greatfulness!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lauren found Alex on the kitchen floor the other day playing with his "Thomas" trains. She got some really cute pics and I wanted to share them! It is so fun to watch him play, he is very serious about what he is doing!

I bet he was really impressed with himself that he actually got more than 2 to stay together!

Of course if you have your paci it makes everything more fun!

This is my favorite! He is totally lost in his own little world!!

Shout it from the roof top!

To any of you who know my husband, Troy, this will be no shock at all! :) Troy promised our church sometime ago that the first time we had 100 people in church he would schedule a service where he would preach from the roof. This Easter we had 171 people at our morning service. ( This included around 50 people from the Penn View Bible Institute Choir, so not counting them we had around 120) So on the 30th of September we had our "roof top" service! It turned out really neat! Troy loves roofing therefore he loves being on the roof! He acted like he had fallen off the back side of the church and scared me half to death...I yelled and he laughed! :) The newspaper and the local TV station showed up for the unusual service as well. Who knows what we will be doing next....with Troy, you NEVER know!

Heading up...

He looks right at home here!

Pastor Troy up in the air~