Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finished Object....My First Finished Object!

I am feeling so happy that I finally finished something...other than laundry!! I found this pair of shorts and thought I would make a skirt for Andrea. I cut the shorts off about 2 inches below the zipper

Gathered a rufflle on a straight piece of material that was about 1 1/2 times as wide as the shorts. The ruffle was at least twice as wide as the shorts.

And what do you know.. it actually turned out!! I covered the seam with a 3/4 inch ribbon topped with a 3/8 inch ribbon.

Made a wild looking bow to match...

And here is the whole outfit! It was a lot of fun and now I'll do it again! I can find shorts or pants at thrift stores for a little bit of nothing. The material only cost me about $3 and the ribbon was about 25 cents! Nolw I just need a picture of her in it...maybe I'll get one when we go to St Louis for chemo on Friday!

Monday, July 6, 2009

May and June

I finally found a few spare moments to catch up with all of my blogging friends! These past two months have flown by in a whirlwind!! We started out the first Sunday of May in our new church building. It was a very exciting day for all of us! The mayor of our city even came for our ribbon cutting ceremony.We are so happy to have a place of our own after 5 years of renting.

My sister and her family were able to be here for our first is Andrea and her cousin Alissa. Andrea wasn't supposed to be at church since her blood was very low, but we snuck her in the back door and let her stay in Troy's office.

My nephew and nieces: Branden, Alissa, and Jillayne Jones
Alex and Travis
Celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday evening since Sunday's are so busy for our family! My kids all made me cry when they all told me why they loved me as their mom...the funniest was Tyler who said he loved me because I cooked him good food! :) I'm telling you the way to any mans heart is through his stomach!
Me and the greatest 6 kids in the world!!! ( Sorry about all of the was very sunny!)

Andrea is one of my only willing kids to get pictures taken!

May is the month of birthdays for us...Tyler turned 10 on May 17th and Travis turned 8 on May 14th.
Look at all of those curls....we finally decided they had to go....

This was not a fun experience for any of us involved in this first haircut! I felt like I was dancing and turning in circles just trying to get the job done!

He was all worn out after all that trauma!! My baby boy looks like a little man now!
Luke celebrated the big 13 on May 29th. Now we have two teenagers in our house!! It is a lot of fun!!

The 2nd week of June brought another youth camp in Fulton MO. We had about 180 people registered this year which was a new record for us! Once again we had an incredible week! The week after our youth camp finished, Troy preached a youth camp in Greenfield,IN. Lauren,Luke, myself, Josh and Ben Boardman all went with him. By the time that week was over we were all ready for collapse!!

My mom and my grandma....they were my lifesavers at youth camp!!

Nana and buddies!

Holly McCarthy and I seem to be having a serious converstation.....HOW many rolls do we need?!!

Don't tell anyone but we have more fun than should be allowed cooking for all of these kids!
The highlight of youth camp is the awards ceremony on the last day. Troy, Robert Jones, and Dave Boardman passing out the medals.
This is Troy and Roberts favorite week out of the whole year!! They love these kids!!
Once again we did our celebrating for Fathers Day on Saturday evening.....the greatest Dad in the world with his great kids!

Troy and the boys

When we finally made it home from our travels, our project of the summer awaited us! We have all saved our money for several years and finally had enough to buy a 15x30 oval swimming pool. According the sellers it would be a very easy job for someone in construction.....we won't go into all of the details but to say the least easy isn't exactly the words I think Troy would use to describe the job!!

The walls are finally all we need is the .....


Happy July 4th!!!

Alex and Nana ready to celebrate!

Our friends Justin and Kelly Brown came up from Indiana to spend the weekend with us. They have never been to Lambert, Home of the Thrown Roll so we all went there for lunch. As usual we went in starved and came out never wanting to eat again!

Justin and Kelly
Troy and Jenn

Why do boys (men) love to play with fire? I guess that is one of those unanswered questions!! :)

Andrea was so sick this weekend from her big chemo treatment but I caught this smile in a moment when she was feeling better.

The kids were laying on the edge of the road watching the fireworks.

Tyler and Alex watching the big firework show in Jackson. Alex wasn't scared at all! He loved watching the fireworks!

What a great country we live in! In spite of all the things that seem to be going backwards, I am still prould to be an American!!
I am finally caught up and now I can rest in peace at night! :) Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer!!!