Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Camp and Misc

The end of July and the first week of August found us making our yearly trek to our Family Church Camp. This year our camp was held on a beautiful campground in Dickson, TN ( in other words...the middle of absolutely nowhere!!) The kids were totally impressed by the awesome creek that ran through the campground....I can't say the moms were so pleased....piles and piles of wet clothes which add up to piles and piles of laundry. Need I say more?! It really was a great place for the kids to play and stay cool! I will admit I even ventured down and waded for awhile! :) Here is Andrea and her cousin Alissa Jones. The first thing they did after lunch every day was to head straight for the creek!


Tyler and his cousin, Jillayne must have been a little cool this day because their lips look blue!

Travis, his cousins, Branden Jones, Josh Yancey and Caleb Boardman

Me and Alex out in the creek

The kids program on Sunday morning....I'm not sure my kids were even fully awake yet! :)

Bro Steve Robinson found an electric wheelchair and put it to good the kids rides! Here is Andrea, Bro Steve, Brooklyn Yancey, Emily Boardman, Addison Boardman and Bethany Boardman

Bethany Boardman, Andrea and Brooklyn Yancey
We had a great camp this year! I really didn't want to make the trip because Troy had to preach a camp in Idaho the same dates so he couldn't come with us. This and the fact that Andrea had just had her big chemo and was on steroids didn't really sound like fun to me. We all missed him being there really bad but we did have a great time getting to see all of our friends and family and we also had some wonderful services! We made it home in one piece and have had a couple weeks of not to much happening....well we wish we had experienced a couple weeks of not much happening! :)
We got an early start on school this year and started last week. I am trying some new stuff this year and so far it is going great. Of course how could it go bad the first few days?!

Andrea and her big owie! She was running on the concrete and bit the dust! She got a huge fat lip and some concrete burns.

Alex loves shoes.... he found a pair of Luke's and decided to give them a try.

Me and Alex...he is growing up so fast!

Andrea had a chemo treatment today in St Louis. She decided to take charge and be the Dr while we were waiting . She assesed my problems and told me I was in need of a two hour nap!

Andrea's best buddy in the Costa Center, Bobby. Bobby has been Andrea's nurse since she started going to clinic. She bosses him around and tells him how to do his job...he just laughs!

During our hospital visit today we got to see one of our favorite 4th floor nurses, Kristin. Kristin is one of the first nurses I remember when Andrea was first diagnosed with Leukemia 2 years ago. My very first memory of her is Kristin asking me if she could pray with me when I was scared and crying because Andrea was going in for one of her first spinal taps and bone marrow aspirates. I was terrified that she was going to wake up and feel something. Kristin has been way more than just a nurse...she is our family!

This is how we ended our day....Alex jumped out of the bathtub, grabbed a Krispy Kreme donut he found and was running around the house buck naked chowing down! :) I guess you have to be a mom of boys to see the humor in this!

We leave for family vacation a week from today. The kids all let me know every day how many more days until we leave!! We are actually going to stay at our houst the first few days and do some fun stuff that is close to home, tubing down the Black River and 4 wheeler riding at a huge 4 wheeler park. Then we will head on over to Branson for a week. Hopefully I will be posting vacation pics soon!