Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Toya and Patti's Wedding

Toya and Patti got married on the 19th of September. Their wedding colors were brown and hot pink. ( the hot pink looks like red in the pics. ) Their wedding turned out beautiful! The kids all had so much fun being in the wedding!!! It was a first time for Luke, Andrea, and Alex. They all love their Aunt Patti and think Uncle Toya is great!! In fact Toya and Patti took them camping last weekend!!! I'll post pics of that soon!

The wedding party on the bridge at Cape County Park

Mike, Jeff, William, Toya,Patti,Bethany,Roxie,andLauren

Alissa,Andrea,Tyler,Jillayne,Toya,Travis and Branden

Patti and Dad.... mom made her dress, if you look close, there are little satin buttons sewn from the very top to the bottem of the train~ It was so pretty!! (my mom says this is her last dress to make! Sorry Lauren!)

Branden and Travis...the bell ringers

Andrea and Alissa... the flower girls. They got to the end of the aisle and still had quite a few petals left. Andrea doesn'nt stop in the middle of a project!! She stood at the end of the aisle and tossed petals until every single one was gone!

Tyler and Jillayne were the junior groomsmen and bridesmaid. They also pulled the aisle runner down and pulled the wagon with Skye ( Toya's cousin ) and Alex in it. They were both so good and looked so cute!

Tyler and Jillayne.

Luke was a candle lighter and an usher. Here he is with Nana.

Luke and Mammaw.

Alex and Skye after the wedding.

Toya and Patti with all of the kids.

The entire wedding party.


Karalynne said...

Looks like this was a beautiful wedding! We were so sorry to miss being there! Maybe one of these times we can make it work out to all get together. That would be so much fun and we would love seeing everybody! Thanks for posting the pictures, I had so much fun looking at them. Tell everyone we said "Hello" and we love them!