Monday, March 22, 2010

My latest project

This past week my mom took all of the kids and went to visit my sister and her family in Alabama. Talk about a drastic change at our house! I only ran the dishwasher one time while they were always goes at least one time a day and sometimes twice! The house was as quiet as a tomb.....way to quiet!! But I did use the quiet time and get caught up on some things I needed to do! I also spent some fun time sewing a few dresses for Andrea...they turned out so cute now I am really inspired!!

Well I am finally up to date on my blog!! I have such good intentions of posting every couple weeks....sigh!! I'm not making any crazy promises to do better because you just never know what is going to happen on any given day around here!!!


This Sunday we celebrated my moms Birthday. Alex was more than glad to assist her in every way with her presents! I didn't get a good picture because he was busy waving the cards around!

Basketball Fun....

Troy, Travis and some of their team

Luke,Tyler and two of their teammates

Andrea....showing her first lost tooth

Alex....I think this paci is a permanent thing.... ugh!!


February was a busy month! We celebrated birthdays, hosted Preacher's Meeting, and took care of sick kiddo's!

Alex came down with an upper respitory infection and ear infections. He was a sick little guy for several days. He was really cooperative and took his breathing treatments like a champ!

A heart sucker makes everything better!

Fellowship after a late night board meeting!

You better watch out! Cowboy Alex is on the loose!

Best Buddies....Tara Snodgrass and Jillayne Jones

Andrea's 6th Birthday

Andrea couldn't wait to turn 6! She counted the days for finally got here!

Getting ready to dive into the presents!

Finally 6!!

Snow Days!

We finally got a good snow the first part of February! The kids spent day and night outside! We had so much fun!

Lauren and Troy

Brandon ( Luke's good buddy who lives across our back field ) and Luke

Nana even came out to join in the fun!! She and Andrea are on the sled waiting to be pulled up the hill with the 4 wheeler.

Travis goes air-borne!!

Alex 2nd Birthday

Alex turned 2 on January 28th. All he wanted for his birthday was shotguns! So thats what he got....little guns, big guns, quiet guns, noisy guns! :) He was happy!!

He found some suckers and of course you can't just eat one at a time...go ahead and see how many you can eat at once!

Get your hands up in the air!

Getting ready to tear in!!