Monday, March 23, 2009

A day in the life of Alex

For being such a laid back little guy, Alex gets into more stuff than all of the other kids combined! We never know what we will find when he disappears and is quiet for awhile! The following pictures will tell the story...

It sure is hard work to unload those kitchen drawers!

All of that toilet paper just setting there on the to fill up that bowl and swirl it around for good measure.

The box of crayons and pencils is much more fun to play with when it is emtpy.

Emptying out all of Andrea's barretts and rubber bands

Talking on the cell phone...something you learn rather young when you have a 15 year old sister!
Does this sweet angelic face look like it could have wrecked all off the above havoc?!! Well it can and it did! :) The following picture is what happens when you work to hard!

Thank goodness for a big brother to rescue you and let you get a little rest from your very busy day!~

Andrea's Birthday

Wow...that is all I have to say about our lives over the last two months!! I can't believe how much has happened since my last post! A quick overview since it would take way to long to catch up all of the way. We made a trip to Shreveport,Louisianna for a Minister's meeting. Most of the kids stayed here with my mom and their cousins. We had a great time being with our pastor friends! We were home for a couple weeks and then my friend, Heidi and I headed to Indianapolis for a Sunday School Bus Convention. We still aren't sure how we pulled that one off but we had a lot of fun and learned a lot as well! Three days later our family left for Oklahoma for Troy to preach a meeting for a week. We had a great time while we were there and also got to see a lot of friends and family we haven't seen for awhile. We made it back home on Monday after driving all night and Lauren and I got back in the car two hours later and head to Alabama to the funeral of our friend, Morris Snodgrass. It was a quick trip and we got back home around 2am on Wednesday morning to be welcomed by the stomach flu. :( This is only our 4th or 5th round this winter...ugggh!! To say the least I feel like my world has spun totally out of control! I am hoping for a very dull boring life this month,but alas I have consulted my calander and it is just not meant to be! I know I shouldn't make excuses for my sad lack of blogging but.... I am going to post some pics from the highlights of the last two months, the first being Andrea's 5th birthday.

We started the day out with a field trip to a T- shirt making place. The girls had a great time making their new shirts!

Andrea surrounded by her presents

Andrea's main wish was roller skates...looks scary to me!

This is the best present of all, a great friend!

Tyler thought Alex would like to try out the roller skates...he was very impressed!

Hopefully I'll be back soon to continue! :)