Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Wow!! The last two weeks have been crazy!! We have had so much happen that my head is still in a whirl!! Only 3 more days until my sisters wedding so you can imagine how this week is!! It has been a lot of fun helping her get it all together though! All of our kids are going to be in it which will be quite interesting! I will post pictures of it the first of next week.
We were hit by IKE on Sunday and lost our power for a good part of the day. We have a generator but couldn't seem to get it hooked up to the stove and refrigerator.....go figure! I had prepared Sunday lunch for about 20 of us. Thankfully the Boardmans had power so we took all of our food and they so kindly let us cook it there and share with them! Andrea got to go to Emily Boardman's 5th birthday party. As ususal they had a grand time together! Well I'm off to get some more work done!

Nana and Alex

Great Mammaw and Andrea
The two princesses ....
Best Friends.....

The not so "Princesses" enjoying their cupcakes!


Tracy's corner said...

Look like you had a great time. Glad you weren't in the middle of Ike's path.

Kristin said...

Have fun this weekend...can't wait to see pictures! Andrea, your hair is growing in so fast! Wish I could have joined you at the Princess Party...you know us princesses need to stick together! Hugs to all...I miss you guys!

Kristin :-)

Ronda said...

CUTE "Princess" pictures! :) Can't wait to see wedding pics...how exciting! It was fun to hear from you...thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Blessings!