Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy First Birthday Alex!

We were a week late celebrating Alexs' birthday since we were on our southern tour on his big day. He didn't even seem to mind. :) We carried on our tradition and got him his own little cake to dive into all by himself. He had a blast playing in the icing and sqeezing it through his fingers but, he wouldn't even taste it one time! He is not a sweet eater and I guess he decided it was just too much sugar! The other kids were really dissapointed about this and did their best to get him to at least take a tiny way!

Alex and Troy....One year old!

Wow, can I really touch this?!

This is gonna be fun...

He is really getting into this now!

This is hard work,

Squishy, Squishy, Squishy!

Now onto more fun things...getting my first big boy truck from Papaw and Nana

What should I do with this big bag?

I'm not sure what this face is all about!

I can't hardly beleive a year has gone by already!! Happy Birthday to our sweet little guy!

Sledding Fun!

We arrived home from Alabama to ice and snow!! The luggage was thrown out of the car and into the house in short order! Everyone was in their snow clothes and outside in a matter of minutes! :) Alex and I even joined them for a little while. Our backyard is one huge long hill so it is perfect for sledding. The best part is the 4- wheeler coming and picking you up at the bottom of the hill so you don't even have to walk back up!! Talk about taking it easy.
Tyler, ready to go again!!!

Luke the taxi guy!

Andrea was all smiles and having a ball! She missed out a lot on sledding last year because of being to sick and worn out.

Alex loves to be outside! If he sees a door open he is on his way as fast as he can go! He wanted to get down and crawl around in the snow.

Andrea, Alex, and Travis

Andrea and Alex taking a ride

Making snow angels!

Troy, Lauren, Travis, Alex and Andrea..... Andrea and Alex did NOT go on this run!

Luke and Alex

Troy and Andrea ready to go down together...there is a story to their ride! They had a wreck and the sled flipped with Troy landing on Andrea... she got a huge snow scrape on her forhead and chin and ended up with a bloody nose. Do you think that stopped her? No way, she dried her tears, wiped her nose and went back to having fun!

I was not so brave at sledding! I screamed the whole way down at the top of my lungs with my hands and feet dragging and grasping at anything!

This picture was acutally taken at the hospital when Andrea was waiting for her chemo. If you look close you can see her battle wound on her forhead.

Memories made that will never be forgotten!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun in Alabama

Our family ended Youth camp tour on Friday night in Pleasant Grove, Alabama. We were going to leave on Saturday morning and head for home. A terrible winter storm had hit Cape during the week and left it covered in about 3 inches of ice topped off with 4-6 inches of snow! We were going to be unable to have church and also unable to get into our driveway so...we staying where it was only about 60 degrees! :) Thanks to our great friends, the Snodgrasses who so graciously let us hang out at their house! The kids were all thrilled we were staying as you can see by the happy smiles!

Lauren and of friends!

Andrea...I'm not sure what she was doing! Look at that out of control hair- where was her mom?

We had a carry-in dinner at the Parsonage for Sunday lunch~ so much yummy food!

Tyler who is always "starving to death" is all smiles with that full plate!

The kids playing board games...

Travis, getting ready to make his next move.

Tara is looking a little concerned!

Luke and Alex just chillin'

Me and my great friend, Connie. We have a lot of things we both love to do...Scrapbook, Blog , read, shop ~

Lauren and Katie

Alex was very greatful for the break he got from being in the carseat!

Sunday night snack-time.
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!! Thanks again, Steve, Connie, Katie and Tara for sharing your home with us for a very memorable weekend!

On The Road...

We have spent many hours on the road together this past week! I thought I better get a few pictures so we don't forget all of the fun we have had! Now if you ask Alex how much fun he has had....even though he can't talk let I am sure he would be happy to give you his opinion of youth camp tour!! :)

Troy has been faithful to keep us on the right road with "Mabel" our trusty GPS system that is on his cell phone

I spent most of my time on the computer getting everything printed for the services! How did we do it before lap tops and air cards?!

Lauren....texting and listening to her MP3 Player.

Luke....just relaxing!

The Three Muskateers in the back row!

Mr "not so happy traveler" Alex
We ended up getting to spend the weekend here at the Snodgrasses since there was still
3-4 inches of solid ice on the church parking lot and we were not able to have services there today. The other problem is we still can't get to our house since our driveway is a steep hill down to our house and is also covered in the same amount of ice. We are hoping it will be melted enough tomorrow for us to be able to get in! Thanks Snodgrass family for letting us stay and have a blast with you all! I'll try to post some pics of the weekend tonight or tomorrow!