Monday, October 27, 2008


Andrea and Emily became official Girlscouts this past Thursday. Heidi was out of town taking the young people to Youth Challenge so I took the girls to their meeting. They had a really fun ceremony and each of them got to light a candle and then get their pin which is a gold daisy. There are three groups in our troop, the Juniors , the Brownies, and the Daises. Emily and Andrea are in the Daisy group. They have such a fun time, especially during craft time! They made scrapbook albums this week out of brown lunch sacks. They are going to keep the pictures from this first year in their scrapbooks. I also enjoy going because I have met a lot of new people and that is not something that is easy for me to do! It's good for me to move out of my "comfort zone" see whats going on outside the 4 walls in my house! :)

Emily and Andrea getting ready for the special ceremony to make them Daisies!

Emily lighting her candle

Andrea lighting her candle. She was a little unsure about this because fire is a big "no, no" at our
Emily getting her pin.
Andrea gettting her pin.

Getting ready for craft time.

Two happy little daises!