Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Camera!

I am so excited! I have been really dissapointed in the camera I have for a long time. It is just a point and shoot. The pictures are often blurry or dark, the red eye is horrible and I have had a lot of trouble with grainy pics. I started researching SLR camera's several weeks ago and finally found the one I thought would be best for what I want to do. It has been so much fun playing with it this afternoon. I am doubly excited because Sarah Palin is going to be here tomorrow morning and we are going to the rally!!!! They are letting us bring our camera's so watch out, here I come! We are going to be at the rally site at 4:30am in the morning. The doors open at 6:30am and she will be there at 8:30am. Our whole family is going so this should be an experience!! My kids are overjoyed that they get to go as well! They made a sign for our front yard last night since the Republican Headquarters here are out of everything! I think ours is much prettier! :) I'll include a few pics I took with my new toy! More to follow sometime tomorrow or the next day, when I get caught up on some sleep!

Lauren and Andrea sharing a secret.

My beautiful view from my kitchen window.

View two

Travis and his jump shot!

Our creativity at work!


Connie and Steve said...

oh my, you put the cricut machine to work! Way cool! ~Connie