Friday, December 31, 2010

Fall Catch up!

Once again I'm so far behind that I feel like I'll never catch up! I had really good intentions back in October, then I ran into computer problems and lost around 700 pictures! That took all the fun and inspiration out of blogging!! I learned my lesson and bought an external hard drive. Let me tell you, if you don't have one.....get one!!!!!! It has made sorting, editing, and storing pictures tons easier!! So here I am on New Year's Eve trying to get the last of the year wrapped up! The thing I love about blogs is that it helps you keep up with life and remeber things that are easily forgotten!! So prepare yourself for lots of pictures!!

In September we had a fall picnic out at the Boardman's house. It was complete with pizza, hayrides, and lots of fun!

Troy and part of his Sunday School class.

Ben, Luke and Lauren

Andrea and Emily looking a little wind blown!

The hayrides....

This has become an annual event that our whole church looks forward to, thanks to the Boardman hospitality!

After our picnic we loaded up and headed to St Louis to attended a Corn Maize sponsered by the Friends of Kids with Cancer organization. It was a super windy day but, it was fun, especially for Andrea and Alex. They were super impressed with the horse rides....

and the camel ride!

Fall fun

We got our family pictures taken a little earlier than normal. Heidi Boardman and I decided we would give it a try so we came armed with two camera's and a lot of ideas! It was a lot more fun than setting in a stuffy studio with starchy clothes and smiles to match! All in all they turned out pretty good!!

Daddy and his girls

Troy and the boys

Me and the girls

Me and my boys

The whole took a lot of patience to get this

All my favorite kiddo's!!

The boys...

The girls...

This year for Thanksgiving, Troy's side of the family came to visit. There were 8 adults and 13 kids! Out of those 13 kids 10 of them were under the age of 9! To say the least the only quiet moments were when everyone was in bed! We had a great time with everyone! We also got a family picutre taken while we were all together. It had been about 5 years since we had one so there were several new faces to add! :)

Troy's brother Steven's youngest little sweetheart, Layla....

We were entertained by Jesse and Steven....I think they could start their own show!

Andrea and Karissa

Jesse and Steven at it again!

Boppaw and Grammy with all the was about 40 degrees outside while we were taking these pictures.....Needless to say it was pretty miserable but, everyone tried to cooperate


The whole crew!

We had our church Christmas supper the first part of December..... As usual we had enough food to serve half of Cape! It was a very relaxing evening!

Mammaw and Andrea

Emmy and Andrea

We had our ladies night out this month at my house with a salad supper and an ornament exchange! I had a lot of fun setting up my breakfast room and decorating for it. I'm really bummed that I forgot to take pictures of all the ladies while they were there!

We finally got a new family picture with the Mahan side of the family this year as well!
Mom and Dad

Toya and Patti
Me and my sweetie!

Robert and Penny

All the girls


The newest member.....Miss Ashlynn Paige

Papaw and Nanna and all the grandkids!

The family!

For the first time in my 36 years the entire side of my mom's family wasn't able to be together for Christmas. This was quite an adjustment for all of us but, we made the best of it and had a good time!

God has safely brought us through another year.....we eagerly anticipate a wonderful New Year!!!