Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vacation Part 2

Our family decided to stay on in Branson for our family vacation this year.  We spent a week relaxing and doing some fun things in between!! We always make sure and visit our favorite show, The Dutton's. They are an amazing family with more talent than is fair! :)

 Andrea and Abagail Dutton. Andrea spent hours when she was on chemo treatments watching DVD's of the Duttons. She loves to get her picture taken every year with Abagail.
 Troy and the boys love the challenge of putting huge puzzles together. Here they are working on a 1000 piece puzzle. They are gluing all the puzzles they put together so they can frame them and hang them in the basement.

 Troy and the boys finally got to do something they have wanted to try for years....ziplines. They said it was one of the funnest things they have ever done!

Riding Go-Karts is another favorite thing....we finally found a track where Andrea was tall enough to drive her own car.
Troy and Alex were racing with Andrea
And the most entertaining thing to watch...a track of 3 and 4 year olds driving Go-karts! Every time Alex would look at us and try to wave, he would drive into the wall! :) 

Family vacations are memories that will never be forgotten!!! We may not remember what we got for Christmas when we were a kid, but it is guaranteed you will always remember those special times and places you went and spent time with your family on vacation!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vacation Part 1

At the end of September we met up in Branson with Robert and Penny, my dad and his wife Kim. We had a blast hanging out for 4 days together. We rented a big house that had a huge basement for the kids to hang out in. It was a great time to relax and visit!

We spent two days at Silver Dollar City. The kids love the rides ( Troy included with the kids...:) ) the adults love the shops and watching the crazy people!!

Luke, Lauren, and Tyler
Ashlyn and Alex
 Jenn, Dad, and Penny
 Robert and Penny
 Me and my Sweetie
 Branden, Grandpa Sam, and Travis
 Alex...having a little chicken and a lot of ketchup!
Oooops....looks like  Lauren and Grandpa Sam got caught!!
Dad and Kim
 Ashlynn and Aunt Jenn
 The whole gang!
 Grandpa Sam, Penny, and Ashlynn
 Miss Ashlynn....I could take pictures of this little doll all day long!! Her smile makes my heart melt!!
 Troy and Alissa...riding the caterpillars
 Jillayne and Ashlynn
 Alissa and Andrea....a little wet from the Great American Plunge!
 The Great American Plunge....Grandpa Sam had no idea what he was getting into!!!
Getting ready to dive into Wildfire....3 loops numerous drop....only insane people ride these kind of things!!
 Lauren, Alex, and me
 Aunt Penny and Alex
 Luke and Lauren
 Travis and Branden
 Penny, Kim, and Jenn
 Alissa and Andrea!
 Jillayne and Tyler
 One of our other favorite things to do is to ride go-karts!! We spent an evening racing each other and having a blast!!!
Grandpa Sam and Andrea getting ready to take off!!
 Lauren and Travis
 In line...ready to roll!
Vacation memories just can't be replaced!!! If you think back and try to remember gifts you have been probably can't remember to many things! Memories from vacations you have taken....they are never forgotten!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Summer Fun Pictures

This is a miscellaneous post of fun pictures I have taken this summer...

Travis and Alex

Andrea and Katie Snodgrass


Alex was so proud of his new rubber boots....with trains on them, how cool can you be?!!

This is how I found Alex one afternoon. I guess he was worn out from swimming and decided to get a snack but was just to worn out to even eat it!

Alex and Andrea made a new buddy at the Bible Methodist Camp we attended this summer. Miss Meagan Loper is one of the sweetest young ladies you will ever meet! She toted these two all over the place. Alex was heart broken when she had to leave and go home!!

My two beautiful girls!

Lauren was so excited when one of her best buddies, Katie Snodgrass got to pop in for a surprise visit this summer!

Miss Madison and Lauren

Maddie and Katie

We have a lot of great memories of a wonderul summer!!!