Sunday, December 13, 2009

Days of Christmas ~ 11,12, & 13

Sorry I have been MIA for the last 3 "Days of Christmas"! This is what we have been getting ready for.....our Christmas Program!! After all the stress and worrying if it would turn turned out! We had 102 people in attendance which was very exciting!! The simple Christmas story never fails to touch my heart every year!! All 34 kids did great and we can now breath a huge sigh of relief!!!

One of the 14 shepherds!!!

Caleb Boardman and Andrea.....Andrea was estatic that she got to be Mary! She has looked forward to tonight for weeks now!!

The " wise guys" !

They all look so sweet here...folding their hands for the closing prayer

We closed with the kids singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" ~ He is the reason for this season!!!


Kristin said...

Love make a beautiful Mary!!! Am enjoying your Days of Christmas...Jesus is the reason for the season!!!!

Hugs to all!

Kristin :-)

RicKaren said...

That's really great! I know how relieved you are that it's over tho! =)