Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Catching up for November

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Hey, better late than never! We started off the month of November at a full run! I kept thinking it would slow down....it never happened! I took the kids to a park here in town for annual pictures. I decided to try it with my own camera this year and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out!

Here is our littlest man...he thinks he's pretty big!

Alex- 18 months

Our Princess!

Andrea- 5 1/2 years

Travis with the most serious look he has had all year :)

8 years

Tyler is my right hand helper! He loves to organize and clean....after my own heart!
10 years

Luke....what a great guy! He is our easy going one of the bunch.
13 years

Lauren....my new chauffer!! I can't believe my baby girl will be 16 in April! Oh where has time gone?!!!

15 years

The Oklahoma Sooner Fans!

Lauren and Andrea....best buddies!

The Boys.....and let me tell you, boys will be boys!!!

Troy made a trip to Dallas in November to preach a weekend revival at the Dallas Spanish church. While he was eating tamales and trying to learn a little Spanish the rest of us headed down to Alabama to visit my sister,Penny and her family! It was youth hunt week while we were there so Travis and Tyler headed out with Uncle Robert and Branden to hunt for the first time in their life. To all of our amazement Tyler shot his first deer! It caused quite the excitement for the whole family! So now Troy (who is not a hunter) went and helped the boys find their first gun and they are preparing to hunt full force next year! Pray for us you all!!

Tyler and his "trophy"

We wanted to get a picture of all the cousins while we were there.....let me just say that after sitting all morning in church, it is not really the prime time to try to get 9 kids all standing still. smiling, and looking in the same direction!! Oh well, we tried!

Alex and Aunt Penny just sitting and relaxing!

Lego city in full progress...

Our missionary president presented a Christmas project for our Orphanage in India to us this month. She brought a jar and challenged us to save all of our change and bring it for the jar. We then would send this money to the Orphans to help them have Christmas. The kids took this very seriously and while the total count isn't in yet, I am guessing we have well over $300.00! Troy wrote down their guesses of how much there will be and lets just say some of them have a lot of faith!! I think the highest guess was around $100,000.00! :) You gotta love kids!

Thanksgiving Day arrived before we knew it! We had 25 people at our house for Thanksgiving Dinner! It was a wonderful relaxing day!
Take note of the China.....we usually have paper :) The china was a lot of fun!

Me and My Mom

My mom and my sister,Patti

Alex opted for his blankie, Lauren's sunglasses, and some Dr.Pepper!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving found us in our van headed to St Louis with 8 teens! Troy teaches the teen class and had promised them a trip to Mills Mall if they all made good grades on a class he taught. They did and he did! :) We had a blast! They ice skated, shopped, and generally kept us entertained! I wish I could just freeze them all where they are now and have them all live with me.....okay, I'm just kidding! They are really good kids though and it was our privilege to take them!

Well that about sums it up for November! I am going to try to do the days of Christmas...we'll see how that goes! The decorations are up, we have the next two weeks crammed full and then hopefully school will be out and we will relax......:)


June Robinson said...

Thanks for updating us. I can see why you don't have time for such things. Do you ever slow down? Love you all bunches!

Brittany said...

Fun update, Jen! And your pictures in the park are beautiful!