Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday Easter Service 2011

Easter Sunday is always such a special day! This year was no exception! We made a huge push to have all of our Outreach kids who come on Sunday evenings attend and help with the special songs. They practiced for weeks and did such a great job! Each class had a song they sang. Quite a few of the kids got stage fright and sat glued to their seats when it was their turn! :) We had a wonderful day with 105 people from our community in attendance! Now if we could just get them all there every Sunday! Funny thing is that everyone who was there with the exception of two people from out of town, consider our church to be their own! They all come, just usually not all on the same Sunday.

Heidi, Dave, and Troy sang with the teen class...."I've got a Mansion" and "He's Coming Soon"

The Teen Class

Sis Shirley's class....part of them

Patti's class

Only a few of Troy's class came up.....he has the rowdiest class of the bunch!!


So glad we serve a risen Saviour!!!


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The Dickinsons said...

That is neat that y'all had your teens involved in your Service!

Also, you did a good job on the cake for your daughter's birthday. Her colors and table were cute! =)