Monday, April 25, 2011

February Fun

February is such a dreary month to me!! I really don't like the cold and I'm just counting the minutes until warm weather takes over and I can pull my flip flops out! :) This February was extra dreary since Troy left for a 1o day missions trip to India. To ease our lonliness we took a day and went to the new "bounce house" we have here in Cape. It turned out to be a really neat place for all ages! They even let the parents join in the jumping! I opted to watch and take pictures!

Lauren...worn out after hours of chasing Alex and Andrea around!

Luke looks pretty tired here himself!

Andrea taking a break and building some block houses

Travis takes a flying leap down a long slide

Alex taking a turn

Tyler....I think he was caught off guard on this picture!

This is definitely a place we will look forward going back to!!