Monday, April 25, 2011


In March we celebrated my moms b-day a few days early since she was headed down to Alabama for a visit. She went to see my sister, Penny and her family for about 10 days. Tyler, Travis, Andrea, and Alex went along for the fun.....what a shock it was to our household!! Utter silence with only Lauren and Luke here!! We decided it definitely cut down on the laundry and dishes but, we didn't like it at all!!! By the end of the visit we were about ready to go roam the streets and haul home whatever kids we could find! :) They had an awesome time visiting their cousins and made memories that will last a lifetime!! Thanks Uncle Robert and Aunt Penny for letting them come!!!

Alex and Alexis Auer helping Nana open her presents!

Lauren celebrated March by making her first major purchase in life....a car!! After searching for weeks we found exactly what she was looking for, a PT Cruiser with a sun roof and the color gray! She held those precious dollars in her hand for one last time before we headed out to sign the dotted line! All those hours of working when she didn't feel like it paid off! She is now the proud owner of her own wheels.....paid for with her own $$$ So proud of you Lauren!!