Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Alex's favorite toy of all times is a laundry basket! Anytime there is one around, empty or full, he claims it! Of course 2 necessary items are always included: a paci and the one and only green blanky! He will just lay around in it, push it around and generally entertain himself for long periods of time! Very cheap entertainment!!

The month of May is our marathon birthday month! Travis starts it out on the 14th- as you can see this year was the big "9" for him!

Having a fun sleepover with his buddies, Caleb and Gabe.

At the top of Travis' wish list was his very own 24 pack of Mountain Dew...which I might add was consumed very quickly! That smile looks a little scary!!!

Tyler was right behind Travis on the 17th....11 years for him. Tyler is our dare-devil..... I wasn't to excite about this two wheeled unstable "rip stick" but true to Tyler form, he has it down!

Tyler also wanted his own 24 pack of Mountain Dew.....he was smart and hid his.....he still has quite a few cans left!!!

In between birthday's our great friend Jason Eftink invited us to spend a Saturday out on Kentucky Lake in his pontoon boat. It was the most enjoyable Saturday I have had since our last vacation!!! It was a picture perfect day and we enjoyed it to the fullest! Jason had a diving accident when he was only 19 years old and is paralyzed from his upper chest down. He is an inspiring person to be around to say the least! There isn't anything that he won't try to do!~ He operated that boat with amazing skill!~ Thanks Jason for the awsome day!!!

Jason's nephew, Aiden, and Alex became great buddies!

Tyler, Andrea, and Alex fixing to take off on a tube ride.

We ended this good month on the 29th with Luke turning 14! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!! Luke didn't want a birthday cake.....so we had a yummy choc chip cookie cake!

What a great guy!! Happy 14th Luke!
Well that sums up the month of May........ June will soon follow!


Brent said...

I see not much happened in May :=}}