Tuesday, July 6, 2010


April was an incredibly busy month at our house......then again, I'm not sure there are many months that aren't busy around here! :)

We left our house the 5th of April and headed down to Westlake, LA to spend a week at the Kenny Adamson's house. Troy spoke at their church every evening and on Sunday. We had a great time while we were there! The Adamson's are a lot of fun and we just kind of adopted them! :) We arrived back home late on April the 12th....my birthday....not my favorite thing to do....ride in the car for about 13 hours!

On April the 17th the Tony Ross' arrived at our house to spend the weekend with us. Bro. Ross spoke at our church over the weekend. We always enjoy the Ross' being here! They are super special people!!

April the 20th we loaded up our van again and headed over to Cincinnati, Ohio for IHC. This year we were able to get 2 rooms right in the convention center! If you have ever been to IHC this is the only way to go! Troy feels the need to try to visit the several thousand people while he is there for 2 days and I'm just not interested!! So Andrea, Alex, and I hung out a lot in the motel room!! :) Troy also had the privilege of speaking to the young people in their service... that was the highlight of his time there! We had fun seeing a lot of old friends and meeting some new ones!!

After IHC Troy, Lauren, and Josh Boardman headed over to GBS for their VIP days. The rest of the kids and I along with Heidi Boardman and her kids headed over the Paul Holden's to hang out! We had a great time visiting there! They are awesome hosts and took good care of us! We did cause a little excitement that I'm sure Sara, Heidi, and I will never forget.....Luke had a diabetic seizure and we had to call 911....none of us do to well under stress like that and I think an ambulance was about necessary for us girls....Luke was fine! :) To say the least we will never forget that trip! We made it home late Saturday evening just in time for Lauren and Andrea to go participate in the Relay for Life cancer walk. I ended up going for a little bit and was really touched! It was a really incredible experience!!!

The back of Andrea's shirt....

Lauren and Andrea making a lap!

My sister Patti, my mom, my brother-in-law, Toya and Andrea

Lauren turned "sweet 16" while we were at IHC so we waited until we got home to celebrate....her great friends, Tori and Abby made her a beautiful birthday cake!!

Lauren and a bunch of her friends for her birthday!!

That about wraps up our month! I have great intentions of keeping this up every month.......sorry!!! I'm going to try to get caught up through June at least! :) Maybe one of these days I will get it together!!!