Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July!!

We celebrated the 4th about 3 times this year! We had friends over on Friday night and the kids shot of a bunch of fireworks. Then on Friday night our next door neighbors came over and we had another great show....Sunday night we saw fireworks from our fair city.....I think the kids did better than Jackson! :) It was a fun weekend! I am proud to be an American!!!

Luke.... wow this is a serious moment!

Sunday afternoon we all had Ice cream cones and it got pretty interesting!

Gotta love the ice cream/ chocolate mustache!

Andrea got just a little carried away...

and.....Alex was out of control!!!

I finally got everyone roped together to try to get some pictures...do you have any idea how hard it is to have 4 boys all look in the same direction at the same time without being crazy?!!! It is no easy task!!

The 6 reasons I get up every day.....oh and so I can do laundry, cook, pay the bills........ :)

My most favorite person in the whole world!!!!!
That summed up the 4th for us..... I wanted to add a couple of pictures I took this evening.....

Alex had been playing outside in the dirt with his cars....he came in wearing these goofy boots and asking for a yogurt drink. Look at that dirty backside....

The front doesn't look much better.... it looks like he may have been eating the dirt!! Oh well I'm sure it wasn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last!! Besides Troy's dad always said dirt was good for you.... good for what I don't know....maybe whatever ails you....I think I may go have a serving of dirt! :) Not really!!!
Yay for me....I'm all caught up!


June Robinson said...

What a fantastic family you have. All of your kids are adorable. Love you all. Wish we could get together sometime.

Brittany said...

It's fun to get caught up with you all :) Love your pics, you have the most adorable kids!

Ronda said...

Loved your pictures...Looks like your family had fun celebrating!:)