Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Christmas Recap....catching up!

Okay, I have finally gathered up the courage to get back on here and try to catch up! I did so good up until the middle of December and then.... :) I loaded these pictures backward but, I decided it really doesn't matter!! So... here we go!!

The corner cabinet is Andrea and Alex' favorite hiding spot! They love to scare me!

We finally got some snow right after New Years and so the mess began! It was bitterly cold out so I just stepped out on the back deck to get a few pictures. The kids played out for hours...how I don't know!

Alex was so excited that he got to go out this year. He just sat at the top of the hill and watched them sled...he wasn't about to try it himself!!

Our family tradition is to do Stockings on New Years Day. The problem is that stocking just aren't made for stuffing so...we used pillow cases! :)

We had 23 people at our house for a week this Christmas. It was a great time! Now they didn't all sleep here but, most of the meals and all the excitement was right here! We ate until we couldn't eat any more and I offically went on a cooking strike after the holidays!!

Alex dedided to relax and enjoy his pie....you can do that when Nana is in charge!

Luke trying out his new "gangster" look!

Getting ready to tear into the presents!

On Christmas Eve we have a huge "snack" meal....lets just say there was enough food to have fed our whole neighborhood!!

Me and my sweetie on Christmas morning....we are looking pretty happy for 7:30am!

Andrea with her long awaited for Rebecca!! She wasn't shocked or suprised....she was sure she was getting her because, she asked for her!

Luke and his punching bag....he was surprised about this!!

Alex was so happy with his Lightning McQueen cars!! He didn't even want to open anything else!

Best buddies...our little Christmas angels!!

This is where I left off in my last post...we were getting ready to decorate cookies!!! :) I finally gave up control this year of trying to get them all to look good and just turned the kids loose! They did a great job and tasted just as good as the "perfectly" decorated ones....see I am learning! I CAN NOT DO IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come soon on whats been going on this month!!


Grandmagene said...

It looks like you all had a great Christmas. Love all of the pictures. I love looking at your blog. lol

Brittany said...

Fun Pictures! I enjoy your updates!