Thursday, January 28, 2010

The first project of this New Year was to get the upper shelves in the Living Room/Kitchen decorated. They look so pretty at Christmas with garland, lights, and a multitude of snowmen but when it all came down......BARE.....DEPRESSING!!! Sooooo I went bargain hunting and this is what all came together

This side of the shelf is in the kitchen right above the walk in pantry

This is the cupboards just to the right of the pantry

I just love this plate!!

I found these cute tin containers for just a couple $$ on clearance at Hobby Lobby! I love that store!

This is the living room side
I still have some vacant spots to fill in but at least it isn't so bare now! The worst part of all this is the climbing up and down to get it all in place! I got my exercise!!

Our next event was the three oldest boys joining the UPWARD basketball team here in Cape. It is a church sponsored organization that teaches not only basketball skills but good sportsmanship etc. They asked Troy to coach Travis' team and he is having a blast doing that! There are about 350 kids all together and they are divided up into around 40 - 50 teams. They have a practice once a week, then on Saturdays they play each others teams. It has been a really neat way to meet a lot of people in our community. Troy also gets to give a devotional at each practice with his team. Here they are ready to go to their first practice.

Our first Birthday celebration of this year started out with Troy....he is the big 39 this year....just wait until next year!! :)
The greatest daddy in the world with the people who make his world go around!!

I am finally feeling like I am getting my life back under control after the holidays! It was really spinning around here for awhile!!


Brittany said...

It has taken me longer than normal to get over Christmas, too :)But I'm glad things are settling down a bit! Your ledge and your kitchen looks so pretty - you really have some neat places to decorate!

Jennifer Truitt said...

Thanks Brittany...wish you were close by so I could cut you loose with that spray paint!!!

Connie and Steve said...

You're doing great, Jenn! I love how your decor works together from the living room side to the pantry side. Looking forward to being with you in a few days... :)

June Robinson said...

Love the new look. I have those same tins from H L up in my kitchen. Just love that place. Thanks for the update. Love to you all.

Ronda said...

Very lovely update! :)