Monday, August 4, 2008

Kids and Storms

The kids latest safety plan for storms ahead is...
Set up your tent in the basement , find every pillow, blanket , sleeping bag ect. in the house, pile in and get comfortable!! We were under tornado watches last Wednesday and the boys decided instead of having to run to the basement in the middle of the night they would just camp out down there in their tent! Lauren decided to come down and join in on the fun for awhile...she was smart enough to sleep in her own bed! :) The next morning they came up and said " It was hard and COLD!!" I'm not sure they will try it again any time soon but, it was an adventure at the time!

The Storm Shelter is set up!

Don't forget to text everyone and tell them you are safe.....

Travis, Tyler, Luke, and Lauren ready to ride out any tornado!


Candles said...

Wow, that sure looks like fun!!! I can't say I blame Lauren for sleeping in her own bed! :)