Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Days around here!

Life has been moving like a roller coaster around here!
Andrea had to go to St Louis today to have her port chemo treatment. My mom and my grandma volunteered to take her...their other option being to stay home and teach school to 4 kids...what would you do?!! Andrea did great, her only major complaint being that she wanted them to do a spinal tap! Yes I did say a spinal tap! The only thing I can figure out is that she really likes the "sleepy" medicine they give her then. Her counts came back really good for the 1st time! They are usually to high or to low. She had a great time there seeing all of her favorite friends, Dr's, and nurse!
Tomorrow after church Troy and I are taking a trip to St Louis for our 16th Anniversary. My mom is going to stay with the kids until Friday afternoon and then the Boardmans are going to take everyone except for Alex on a camping trip to a state park about 1 1/2 hours from here. If they aren't crazy for even thinking about doing this, they will be crazy when they get home!~! 10 kids camping?!!! The kids are excited beyond words!!You go Dave and Heidi!! We love you all lots and owe you big time!!
The Make a Wish foundation came to our house last week to meet Andrea and our family. They talked to her about what her wish would be if she could do anything she wanted to. Without hesitation she told them she wants to meet a princess, preferably , Cinderella! So it looks like our family may be making a trip to Florida this fall sometime. I told them my feet aren't leaving the ground unless I am heavily sedated so we will be making a loooong road trip!! :)
I guess that sums up the news for the past week around here. We are surviving school thus far....hopefully it we can keep it up!
I'll post new pics this weekend.


Ronda said...

Sounds like Andrea is a real trooper! What a doll! Happy Anniversary...hope you all have a fun, romantic time away. Bet the kids will have a blast going camping!

Kimberly said...

I stumbled onto your blog for the 1st time today...I have known about your daughter's illness from my Aunt Glenda in OKC. I will keep your family in prayer and really hope the trip to Disney works out!! Blessings!