Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy 6 months Alex!

Happy 6 months, Alex!!

Troy and Chris. Chris is a young man we have picked up to come to Sunday School for around 7 years. He is called to preach and preached his 1 Sunday morning sermon this Sunday. Chris goes to camp with us every year and is another one of "our boys"!

Emily and Andrea playing "Princesses" They have so much fun dressing up and playing house together!

Alex is 6 months old today! He is starting to set up by himself this week.Wow how fast time goes by!! We are having a good week here at the Truitt house. Today was a Monday.....trying to catch up from Sunday and not being inspired to do much of anything. I do have to get some bookwork from youthcamp done before I go to bed tonight. Tuesday we have piano lessons and a family from church coming for supper. Wednesday is Andrea's day to go in for bloodwork. Thursday we are having the Sankey family coming for a service about their work in Mexico. Friday we leave at noon to go to St Louis for a trip to the City Musuem through an organization called Basket of Hope for kids with cancer. I will be an all day thing which we are all looking forward to. Josh and Ben Boardman will be going with as well. So as you can see we don't have many dull moments around this house!! Hope all of you are having a great week!


sankey family said...

Wow, Jenn - sounds like a busy week. Thanks for fitting us into it! See you soon...

Rusty said...

I love the pics of baby Alex. My how time gets away from you. He is so precious. I am glad to see you posting, you are a little more faithful than Heidi!
Hope you all have fun in St. L.

Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer! It's so nice to see you blogging! I've enjoyed all your pics and happenings about you guys! It was great seeing you all at conference...what a sweet family you have. I'll be checking into Andrea's carepage as usual...have a good day~

Ronda said...

Cute pics of baby Alex...What a sweetie! Cute "princess" pictures, too! Sounds like you have a busy week planned...hope that it is a good one!

Holdens said...

I love your blog..I know you will have a blast with the Sankey's