Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Back!

Andrea....One year ago

Me and Andrea a year later

Tyler, Alex, and Mammaw

Pappaw and Lauren spending some quality time at the park.

Alex' first time at the park....he loves to swing!

Andrea at the park....she has wanted to have a picnic for a long time.

Me and Alex just relaxing and rocking.

When Andrea went to the Costa Center for her chemo last week they had a lady there painting the kids faces. Andrea and her friend, Taylor, decided they wanted to be butterflies!

Great Mammaw Shiery and her buddy, Alex!

Nana and Andrea..... Nana spent several nights with Andrea so I could stay at the RMH with Alex and Troy could go home a work for a couple days. There is noone like a "bestest Nana"!!

Daddy and Andrea getting ready to go home after a weeks stay in the hospital.

We celebrated Luke's Birthday at the Hospital since Andrea was inpatient at that time.

Tyler's 9th Birthday

Travis' 7th Birthday - (L to R) Cableb Boardman, Luke, Alex, Travis, Tyler and Andrea


Karalynne said...

I loved looking at all your pictures! Looks like you all are doing well. Little Alex is growing up too fast!

~Heather~ said...

Hey! Thanks for your nice comment. I'm soooo sorry to learn about your little girl's sickness. I had no clue! I will keep y'all in my prayers!! Congrats on baby Alex, he is a cutie!

God bless y'all~Heather

Charity said...

You really snazzed up the blog! :) I like the new look. Love all the pictures! Alex is looking so big!

So glad Andrea is feeling better now.