Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catching Up.....again!

Sorry I have been missing in action for sooooo long!! I have been sitting around on the couch eating cupcakes.....NOT!!! :) I keep thinking life will slow down and life will be "normal". I have finally come to the realization that this must be normal..... I do not like normal!!! I feel like we have been around the world and back again since my last post which was in July~ Truth be know we have been at least halfway there! We were at church family camp the first week of August, celebrated our 19th Anniversary, spent a week at God's Bible School in Cincinnati while Troy preached their fall revival, started school, spent a couple days in Branson, celebrated our 10th year anniversary of Pastoring in Cape, had Andrea's port surgery removal, went for revival in Alabama at my sister and brother in law's, came home and started revival here the next night.....are you tired yet?!!! :) At least we aren't bored around here! I thought I would share a few pictures of Andrea's port removal surgery which is another story in itself!! She gave us a huge scare right before surgery and we thought it was possible she might be relapsing.....needless to say it was a scary time but we were full of thanksgiving when everything tested out okay!! The surgery went forward and now she has a nice scar for a reminder!~ :) I say it is a beautiful scar and one to be proud of!! We are so thankful that God has been with us all the way!!! I have a ton more pictures of our Alabama trip and other summer fun but.....that will have to just wait for another day!!

Andrea waiting impatiently for them to come and take her away.....I can't tell you how excited she was to be back at the hospital and in her bed and room!!! I know......she is an unusual kid!!
Nana came up with us since Daddy had to work

Our great nurse and even more importantly our wonder friend, Kristin!!! She is our angel!!!

After surgery.....her surgeon gave her a special heart dressing.

Trying to sleep off the sleepy meds!!

Hope to get some more up soon!!!


Dreamin' said...

I am so glad to hear that Andrea is doing well! Roxie would keep me updated, but since graduation, we don't get to talk as much, and I miss getting to hang out with her. :( She's been an awesome friend! It's great to know that everyone is doing well, and you are staying as busy as ever... LOL. Love you guys!....Kimb