Sunday, October 24, 2010


The first week of October we headed out to Alabama to my sister, Penny's house. Troy was scheduled to preach a revival at their church and there was no way we were letting him go without us! We piled in the van and headed out! The cousins were all thrilled at the thought of getting to spend a full week together even if they did have to go to church every night! :) While we were there the kids decided it was time to paint the fort.....and themselves! Thankfully they were all wearing clothes that could go straight to the trash when the mission was accomplished! They started out staying pretty clean but if only I would have gotten a picture of the boys when it was done!!! I'm not sure if the fort or the boys had more paint! Great memories were made so they cheerfully scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed some more trying to get clean in time for church! We still found some paint in hair a few days later...but hey, who cares!

Travis and Branden getting ready for some serious work!~

Taking a short break for some lunch

Jillayne stayed about the cleanest!!

I'm not really sure how this happened mom!

Miss Alissa hard at work!

Alex found a water spout close by and there he stayed!! He hates his hands to be dirty so he didn't paint for long.....

Just long enought to get it all over his face!!!