Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shout it from the roof top!

To any of you who know my husband, Troy, this will be no shock at all! :) Troy promised our church sometime ago that the first time we had 100 people in church he would schedule a service where he would preach from the roof. This Easter we had 171 people at our morning service. ( This included around 50 people from the Penn View Bible Institute Choir, so not counting them we had around 120) So on the 30th of September we had our "roof top" service! It turned out really neat! Troy loves roofing therefore he loves being on the roof! He acted like he had fallen off the back side of the church and scared me half to death...I yelled and he laughed! :) The newspaper and the local TV station showed up for the unusual service as well. Who knows what we will be doing next....with Troy, you NEVER know!

Heading up...

He looks right at home here!

Pastor Troy up in the air~


Tracy said...

I guess no one fell asleep in that service!!!