Monday, September 28, 2009

Camping Out

This past Friday night my kids ( part of them ) decided it would be the perfect night to camp out in their tent. Troy used to join them but, has since decided if your bed is only a few feet away it is much wiser to make good use of it! I, by the way, DO NOT camp unless I have a room with a door and a lock, a bathroom, and a mattress ~ in other words a RV at the very least!! Luke, Tyler, Travis, and Andrea got their stuff together and headed out! Now I was thinking they would be right in the backyard where I could just look out the back door and check on them, but no..... they went way back in the woods much to my dismay!!! Troy and I went out around 11 pm to make sure they were okay and this is what we found....

Andrea having the time of her life with her great brothers!

Luke and Andrea and Travis. Travis is in the background with his burnt fingers in a bucket.....they had a nice little campfire with bricks around the edge and Travis saw that one of the bricks was out of place so not thinking about it being hot ( 8 year old boys don't always think first :) ) he tried to move it and burned his two middle fingers pretty bad

Travis with a very pained smile! Poor little man, he ended up coming inside and staying so I could play nursemaid

Tyler has a very shocked look in the pic...I'm not sure what the reason for this is!

Here they all are with Troy making sure everything is safe...

Since we couldn't see them from the house, I sent my cell phone out with them so I could check in or they could call if they needed us. About 1:30 am I started worrying about what could happen (worrying about what COULD happen is what any good mother does! :) ) out there so I tried calling about 5 times with no answer. I knew I would never sleep now, so I drug Troy out of bed with Lauren going along for fun and out we traipsed through the backyard and into the woods. Of course they were all very soundly sleeping so back to bed we went with me laying awake until around 3am still....worrying!!!!! :) Next camping trip is already being planned but all involved have been pre-warned that the tent with be within good view of the back deck!!!


Ronda said...

Wow...You are a brave Mommy! Sounds like you have some brave, creative kids, too. How neat that you let them spread their wings...clear back to the woods! LOL! Just think of all the special memories that your kids made! :)
So happy to hear about Andrea...God is good! I keep your precious little one on my prayer list.