Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catching up from April

These past two months have flown by...literally! We started March out by traveling to Duncan, Oklahoma for a revival. Our whole family went and we had a great time! We landed back in town only to head out 2 hours later to Alabama to our good friend, Morris Snodgrasses funeral. Somewhere during this time my great friend, Heidi Boardman and I went Bus Convention as well! On April 1st I took Andrea to St Louis for her spinal tap and big chemo treatment, we came home look at a church and then bought the church, and we started revival with Mark Cravens...all in the same day! WOW!

This is our new church...we should have posession by the 1st Sunday of May. I can't tell you how excited we are all about this!!

Emily and Andrea at Revival

The month of April also brings many Birthdays for our family!! My grandma's 87th B-day was on the 9th so the kids and I got a flat of flowers and some lunch and went to celebrate!! I hope I can have as much energy as her when I am 87.....I better find some vitamins cause I'm not doing to good!

Andrea and Mammaw

Lauren, Nana, and Andrea at Mammaw's party

Our great friends Dave and Heidi Boardman took Troy and I out to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate my b-day a few days early. We had a wonderful time as usual and shared a lot of laughs! :)

Dave and Heidi

Me and my Sweetie!

Our next major project was preparing to host the Penn View choir and orchestra on Easter Sunday. This was an overwhelming task to say the least but, when we all work together how much fun we can have!!! We started early Saturday morning at Sam's and Wal-Mart to gather all of our groceries.

My mom and my grandma loading up one of the vans

Next on to the Center to get busy cooking for 100 people!

The choir came in on Saturday evening and the Boardman's hosted a pizza picnic at their many of you would like to feed 85 people at your house?!!

My sister and her family were able to come for Easter for the 1st time since I can remember! These 3 girls had a great time playing!

Emily Boardman, Andrea, and Alissa Jones

My sisters and me...better than just sisters they are my best friends!!

Patti, Penny and Me

Part of the choir

Another part of the choir~

Me, Andrea and my mom on Easter Sunday....can you believe I didn't get one picture of my kids on Easter...all of that work for us all to match and not even a record of it! :(

Me and my mom...she is the very best!!!!!

Travis, Branden Jones and Caleb Boardman... you have to love boys!
My birthday was acutally on Sunday and my sister's was on Friday so Sunday night we celerated them all! The past few weeks have been a little tiring to say the least but, we sure made some great memories! We had 175 people on Easter Sunday with 57 of those being in the choir! Our church is really excited and I am thinking we have some great days ahead!


Gillian Davis said...

looks like great fun was had by all! :-)
Unfortunately...Your blog isn't opening right - it might be my computer, but none of the background or anything is loading, so all I can see is pictures!

Jennifer Truitt said...

Hey is opening just fine on my computer so it might just be yours...if anyone else is having a problem please let me know!

June Robinson said...

Whew! Your life makes me tired just reading about it. Glad you all are surviving. Love the church, can't wait to see it in real life. Love to all.

Woodard Family said...

What great news about the church. So happy for you guys and your congregation.

Holly said...

It's loading fine on my computer. Hey, Jen, I love your shirt in the last picture. And Happy Birthday!