Monday, March 23, 2009

A day in the life of Alex

For being such a laid back little guy, Alex gets into more stuff than all of the other kids combined! We never know what we will find when he disappears and is quiet for awhile! The following pictures will tell the story...

It sure is hard work to unload those kitchen drawers!

All of that toilet paper just setting there on the to fill up that bowl and swirl it around for good measure.

The box of crayons and pencils is much more fun to play with when it is emtpy.

Emptying out all of Andrea's barretts and rubber bands

Talking on the cell phone...something you learn rather young when you have a 15 year old sister!
Does this sweet angelic face look like it could have wrecked all off the above havoc?!! Well it can and it did! :) The following picture is what happens when you work to hard!

Thank goodness for a big brother to rescue you and let you get a little rest from your very busy day!~


Ellen said...

Those are some hilarious pictures. I can so relate to them - having an almost 2 year old boy who is just getting through some of those stages. I can tell one big difference, though. I guess on your 6th kid you are so used to the potty playing that you take the time to grab a camera! I sure wish I had gotten a picture like that! Too cute!

June Robinson said...

Love it!