Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Giant Dude!!

Finally the long awaited day arrived!!! Alex has been waiting forever for this birthday to come! He was so excited and had everything planned out....his wish was that he would get enough nerf gunsso that each person in our family have one, and we could have a nerf war! :) His wish came true! We have about every type of Nerf gun available! I am about to lose my mind with all the nerf darts laying around everywhere!!!

When I was getting ready for his party, I asked him what kind of cake he wanted.I thought he would say Cars or Thomas .....his answer, "one with LOTS of yummy icing''!! He could care less about the cake, just give him the icing!!

He had to sample it right away!

Alex totally enjoyed his birthday this year!!! This is what I found when I came back out to the kitchen to clean up....Alex on the counter enjoying the icing to his hearts content!

This is the damage that was left behind!

Oh well ....I guess that's what you can get away with when you're the baby! Don't tell him I said he was the baby.....today he is "Big Rascal"!!!