Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sledding Fun!

We arrived home from Alabama to ice and snow!! The luggage was thrown out of the car and into the house in short order! Everyone was in their snow clothes and outside in a matter of minutes! :) Alex and I even joined them for a little while. Our backyard is one huge long hill so it is perfect for sledding. The best part is the 4- wheeler coming and picking you up at the bottom of the hill so you don't even have to walk back up!! Talk about taking it easy.
Tyler, ready to go again!!!

Luke the taxi guy!

Andrea was all smiles and having a ball! She missed out a lot on sledding last year because of being to sick and worn out.

Alex loves to be outside! If he sees a door open he is on his way as fast as he can go! He wanted to get down and crawl around in the snow.

Andrea, Alex, and Travis

Andrea and Alex taking a ride

Making snow angels!

Troy, Lauren, Travis, Alex and Andrea..... Andrea and Alex did NOT go on this run!

Luke and Alex

Troy and Andrea ready to go down together...there is a story to their ride! They had a wreck and the sled flipped with Troy landing on Andrea... she got a huge snow scrape on her forhead and chin and ended up with a bloody nose. Do you think that stopped her? No way, she dried her tears, wiped her nose and went back to having fun!

I was not so brave at sledding! I screamed the whole way down at the top of my lungs with my hands and feet dragging and grasping at anything!

This picture was acutally taken at the hospital when Andrea was waiting for her chemo. If you look close you can see her battle wound on her forhead.

Memories made that will never be forgotten!!!


Ronda said...

Looks like a fun winter adventure for your family! Wonderful memories! :)

RicKaren said...

What GREAT pictures, fun and memories!!!

Brittany said...

Your pictures are AWESOME! The one of Andrea and her snow angel is especially cute.

Lisa said...

Family fun...nothin' like it!

Andrea said...

I had to laugh about your sledding fun! The first and only time (21 yrs. old) I went sledding I couldn't even make it down the hill! Somehow I got turned around and ended pointing back UP the hill! This transplanted-southerner knows more about swimming than sledding! HA

John said...

What a wonderful thing to do as a family. You are filling your beautiful children's "love tanks" full to the brim. Robynne Bollig