Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year Pictures

Cole Truitt...he was my little buddy!

Cole and Alex found thier favorite place...the toy closet.

Karissa and Andrea hiding out at the kitchen table so they could play Polly Pockets with no boys bothering them. The girls are way outnumbered on the Truitt side of the family!

Alex with his bestest buddy, Lauren. Look at that wild hair!! Troy is telling me its time for a haircut but the curls are just to sweet!

A boy can never have to many matchbox cars!

Me and my favorite guy!

Stevie and Seth...can you see the mischief in those eyes?!

Just waiting to dive into those presents.

Karissa... her eyes just sparkle!

The Truitt clan, well part of them. We kept meaning to try and take a family try rounding up 12 kids at the same time not to mention them being dressed and looking presentable all at the same time! I guess we just didn't have the energy we needed!

Our family drove to Adamsville, Alabama on Christmas eve to spend a few days with Troy's famly. Troy had to preach a funeral that morning so we were packed up and headed out as soon as he got home. Katie and Tara Snodgrass had spent a few days with us so we loaded them up as well to take them home. We had a great time with all 20 of us at Jesse and Mandy's house. Out of the 20 people there, 12 of them were under the age of there were no dull moments to say the least!


Brittany said...

Great pictures, Jenn! So glad to hear that you are back home and that Andrea is better. We've been thinking about you guys.

Connie and Steve said...

Hey, Jenn ~ Your blog looks great! Don't you love the cutest blog on the block! I happily discovered that site a few weeks ago. Do you edit your pictures in picnik?

Jennifer Truitt said...

Yes, I use picnik to do my editing. I did get a program for Christmas that I'm going to try out! Cutes blogspot on the block is awesome! I love it!

Ronda said...

Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes! :) Enjoyed your newest pics, too! You have such a beautiful family! Hope that you all are enjoying the new year....I think about your little Andrea often and pray that she is doing well. God bless you all!