Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We are still alive!

So sorry for the long delay in posting! While we were away on vacation I had no internet access. Then when we got home last week I was trying to get everything back in order, start school and get ready for company. I about had it all together and Monday morning Andrea woke up with a high fever which means an immediate trip to St Louis for us. We thought it would be a quick visit and we would head home, but...... we should know by now! :) It is Wednesday and only by a miracle of having a Dr who really trusts us we will get to go home tonight! Andrea's blood counts are only 26 and they should be over 500 at the very least. A normal persons is between 7500 and 15000! So she will not be going anywhere and we will be sterilizing everything that isn't alive...I guess we will be sanitizing all things that are alive as well!! :) I am just overjoyed at getting to go home especially since my sis and her family all arrived at our house last night! This is the first time we have gotten to have Thanksgiving together in about 6 years so we have really looked forward to it! Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am hoping to post pictures of vacation next week!