Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Summer Fun Pictures

This is a miscellaneous post of fun pictures I have taken this summer...

Travis and Alex

Andrea and Katie Snodgrass


Alex was so proud of his new rubber boots....with trains on them, how cool can you be?!!

This is how I found Alex one afternoon. I guess he was worn out from swimming and decided to get a snack but was just to worn out to even eat it!

Alex and Andrea made a new buddy at the Bible Methodist Camp we attended this summer. Miss Meagan Loper is one of the sweetest young ladies you will ever meet! She toted these two all over the place. Alex was heart broken when she had to leave and go home!!

My two beautiful girls!

Lauren was so excited when one of her best buddies, Katie Snodgrass got to pop in for a surprise visit this summer!

Miss Madison and Lauren

Maddie and Katie

We have a lot of great memories of a wonderul summer!!!


Brittany said...

I enjoyed your updates, Jenn! Love your pictures - looks like your enjoying that camera and lens =)